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Zimbabwe faces hunger catastrophe

By 20/11/2020May 25th, 2022Uncategorized

Severe hunger and malnutrition are a very real concern for families and children in the remote rural  areas of Zimbabwe, especially during severe weather conditions such as long-term drought. The economic and political crises, 90% unemployment and Covid-19 restrictions mean half the population have plunged further into a “hunger catastrophe” according to the UN.

Our strategic partnership with Ruff’s Kitchens and the generous funding made each month by you – our donors – has brought a lifesaving feeding programme to children in schools. 

However during 2020 we worked harder and longer to include over 2,000 more babies, toddlers, families and the elderly from all over the Makonde District. 

Each person is given between 375-500mls of a traditional Zimbabwean porridge-based-drink called mahewu (maize meal, sorghum, milk solids, lactic acid and sugar) fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, sourced from a local supplier using maize from small farm holdings.

It only costs £2 to feed a child
for a school term.

For £30/year a child in rural Zimbabwe can receive a quality education, a nutritious meal every day and their families given a route to self-reliance. 


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