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December 2019

For Christmas, please can I have… a nutritous meal?

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We’re going to get to the point – we need your help!  There have been predictions of mass starvation in Zimbabwe during 2020 due to the broken economy, high inflation and longest drought on record.  So we did an assessment, both at our schools and in those where we do not work – the results do not make good reading!

There is a very clear difference in the HEALTH, well being and appearance of children in the schools where we have our feeding programme.  It is a proven and accepted fact that our children, who are receiving a nutritious mahewu meal, fortified with vitmains, minerals and nutrients to tackle malnutrition, have a high attendance record due to less illness, are performing well in school, their anti-retroviral drugs are working  and are generally HAPPIER.   

What about those at their neighbouring schools?  Should we just ignore very young children and watch them suffer, struggling to survive and often not able to make it to school?   We receive heartbreaking appeals all the time from teachers and parents there who watch helplessly as children faint in class, on the side of the road or in their own homes due to hunger. 

For only £10 per month we can reach those children! 
TOGETHER we can feed 2 children every day for one month for only £10.

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