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July 2021

Back to our teacher training in Zimbabwe

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We’re currently working on getting back to our TEACHER TRAINING programme – you wouldn’t believe the difference – have a look for yourself…  

Our training partners, Redearth Education use a rigorous teacher training process, which has shown to contribute positively to pupil engagement and academic progress.  Most importantly – it is designed to meet the needs of the teachers and pupils in a Zimbabwean context. The training is experience-based and builds the capacity of Zimbabwean rural teachers (ie. teachers in remote, often hard to reach destitute areas, with no access to support) to better understand how to support children’s learning in very challenging circumstances, especially large classes with NO books or learning aids!

In the photos below, rural teacher empowerment and pupil motivation is at an all time high.  The Redearth teacher training programme has provided our Zimbabwean teachers with the knowledge, practice and creativity to turn the most basic shelter into a wonderfully stimulating learning environment.