FMTZ Feeding Programme in partnership with Ruff’s Kitchens

Malnutrition is a very real concern for families and children in the remote rural areas, especially during severe weather conditions such as long term drought and flash floods.  Our partnership with Ruff’s Kitchens has brought a life-saving feeding programme to 9 primary schools and 7 ECD (early childhood development) centres in the Makonde District, feeding over 5,000 children every day.
Each child is given 500mls of a traditional Zimbabwean porridge-based-drink called mahewu (maize meal, sorghum, milk solids, lactic acid and sugar) fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, sourced from a local supplier using maize from small farm holdings.

The schools now have high attendance levels with some recording a 50% increase in their enrolment.  During our monitoring visits, you do not need to search for proof that the programme is working – it is visibly clear!   The children do not look as gaunt and skinny as before, they are much more energised, their skin is glowing and there are many happy faces.  The school’s overall results and performance are much higher and are par-taking more in sports competitions and other after-school activities.  Teachers describe the classroom environment as completely changed… “it has made a very challenging job easier to do, even though classes are larger”.

Our Feeding Minds Trust is bringing a teacher training programme to the district to make sure these children receive a QUALITY education ie. not just the basics! Improvements to the education they receive, would be nowhere near as effective if the children are too ill or hungry to receive their teachings.  Thank you to all who have given and been a part of filling our children’s tummies!