Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children tells the story of three children – Esther, Grace and Obert – struggling to survive in Zimbabwe after the political and economic meltdown.  It is a heart wrenching story which will reduce most viewers to tears and leave you unable to shake off the traumatic image of these children trying to survive on a daily basis.  The common theme in the film is their desperate desire to go to school and receive an education.

The film has received many prestigious awards including UK BAFTA for Best Current Affairs, a USA Peabody Award, the Broadcast Digital award, Chicago Film Festival Gold Plaque, Rory Peck Sony Impact Award. If you would like to purchase your own copy of the DVD and full length film please click here.

This update footage was filmed eighteen months later.  It shows how the lives of Esther, Obert and Grace have changed drastically because of the action and support of many people in Zimbabwe and throughout the world, who were profoundly touched by their stories.