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May 2020

Covid-19 response

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How are we supporting Zimbabwe’s children during hunger and COVID-19?

Schools closed earlier than they should have and Zimbabwe went into lockdown for 21 days – this has now been extended for 2 more weeks. However, most people have much bigger worries – HUNGER! One teacher explained… “We know about Coronavirus, but parents have to find food for their families, otherwise we will surely die of hunger first.”

How do our programmes help?

We are in our fifth year of feeding thousands of children. The mahewu porridge drink is a satisfying, slow energy release food PACKED with nutrients. The nutrients are specific to growing, developing children who require an extra boost to build their immune systems and protect them from disease. When schools closed early mahewu was given to each family to take home… BUT they’re unable to access more food!

In the meantime all those families who have been trained in Conservation Agriculture, using only natural farming methods, are harvesting their crops now – fresh vegetables, lentils, sorghum, soya and maize to feed their families along with substantially extra produce to sell. BUT they cannot take their harvest to sell during lockdown!! They risk losing a large part of the crop they have worked so hard to produce.


The answer is simple…
Together we have negotiated a very fair and reasonable exchange with our farmers – they will be (safely) delivering all of their surplus crops to our poverty stricken and starving families throughout their area. We have trained 120 farmers in 9 different areas and they are now able to pay it forward.

It is rare that we stop thinking about the children and families in Zimbabwe and how we can support them – especially through the diverse challenges they face. With your help and the hard work of many Zimbabweans – we always find a way! Children who are sponsored continue to receive their monthly food hampers in a safe manner.

We send our thoughts to the people of Zimbabwe, most especially the head of households, like Gogos (grandmothers) and older children who have to fend for many young orphaned children. We very much hope our support, with your donations, will put them in a stronger position to overcome this crisis.