Teacher Training Programme in partnership with Redearth Education

The Redearth Education teacher training programme supports rural teachers to provide life-changing education so every child in their classroom has the chance to succeed.  By improving teachers’ self-belief, knowledge and practice, the “Developing Good Practice in Teaching and Learning” programme creates a positive and engaging learning experience that makes children want to come to school and receive a high quality education.

The programme is designed to train teachers in different aspects of positive behaviour management, positive physical and emotional learning environment, interactive teaching methods and creating resources from locally available free materials.  Those teachers who show a high level of good practice will be asked to support other teachers at their school and possibly one more school. This program has had solid success in other African countries and will benefit thousands of children within the first year.

A never-ending challenge for rural teachers is a lack of resources – Redearth Education programmes include providing brilliant ideas and support for teachers and children to create their own free reading and learning aids through locally available resources such as mud, clay, sticks, thatched straw, maize sacks, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and many recyclable materials.

The images below show the remarkable comparison between children who have an unenthusiastic and untrained teacher and a class taking part in a stimulating and creative lesson with a trained teacher who not only holds their attention but excites and inspires the children – leading to a comprehensive and enjoyable education that will equal any modern city school.