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October 2019

Children learning sounds…

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We have had many steep learning curves since we began with 1 primary school but those lessons enabled us to develop onto 9 primary schools and 7 ECD centres. The root issue identified was severe malnutrition in school and at home leading to illness, lack of concentration and absenteeism from school. We introduced a feeding program, which gave immediate relief to children, bringing large numbers back to school and a conservation agriculture program to both families and schools – as a more sustainable and long term solution.
With children’s health improving and much larger classes, the teachers desperately needed ways to deliver a quality education with no resources! Enter… the Redearth Education Developing Good Practise in teaching program.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and hope you find the video attached as heart warming as we do!!
Previously these children had no idea of sounds that are needed to learn to read and their classroom was completely bare. You can see now how engaged both teachers and learners are with many colourful resources made from just cardboard, plastic bottles and maize sacks! ❤️