School fees in the rural areas cost £30/year and in the 9 primary schools and 7 ECD centres we work in that includes a daily meal and highly trained teachers.  We endeavour for over 92% of your donation to reach the schools and children, which would not be possible if we had the admin costs of individual sponsorship, so please bear with us.  If you would like to donate towards our goal of keeping rural area children in school receiving all the benefits of our programmes and allowing us to reach even more then please click here.  It is only with your help that we can do it and are very grateful to all our donors.

Township Kids

In one of Zimbabwe’s largest townships, just outside Harare we offer sponsorship opportunities to a few children who live in extreme poverty.  Township life can be brutal for these children – living squashed up in tin shacks with up to 11 others sharing scraps of food, whilst open sewers and rubbish bring severe health conditions and school is but a distant dream.  In many cases young girls end up pregnant and trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Sponsorship includes school fees, uniforms, books, mahewu porridge, food hampers, access to health professionals, start-up income generating projects and in some instances – building a small home.  It costs £25/month (or £12.50/month for shared sponsorship) for schooling and food.  Healthcare, income generation and building is done at the sponsor’s discretion and ability to finance.  We ask the children to communicate their appreciation and encourage them to write as often as they feel comfortable doing so.  It is vital to note that the protection and welfare of our children is of paramount importance.

Please read Bridget’s story here if you are interested in sponsoring a township child, according to the costs and specifics mentioned above.  Please kindly contact sharon@zimbabweschildren.org or continue to our donate page here.  Thank you!

ZFC Young Obert of Project Batsirai