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Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children – Yvette

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We are sometimes asked about Esther and Tino’s older sister, Yvette, who featured briefly in our film Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children.

Yvette ran away from their abusive Uncle to live on the streets of Harare. She fell pregnant at 16 and gave birth to a little boy called Blessing. Together, they lived on the streets for as long as they could- as you can imagine, this was an extremely difficult time for her.

We finally managed to track her down and tried to help her, however she was very confused. One day she came to us asking for help as she could no longer look after Blessing and desperately wanted to go back to school.

With the help of SOS Children’s Village we managed to find Blessing a home together with Esther and Tino. Yvette was given the opportunity to attend a good school, however she could not cope and we have since been unable to find her again. Unfortunately the trauma of her childhood and the suffering she endured meant that Yvette was a very troubled girl – we are all very sad about how things turned out for her and hope that one day she will return safely.

In the meantime Tino has built a very special bond with Blessing, and both she and Esther look after him.  

tino and blessing

                                           Tino and Blessing

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