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Feeding Programme: Latest News

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We would like to say a very sincere thank you to all our loyal supporters! We have had such a wonderful response to our plea to continue and expand the Feeding Programme.

The children we work with in Chinhoyi are from very deprived families who struggle to survive. This means many children often arrive at school extremely hungry.

Our Feeding Programme has already brought relief to so many of these children. However, in 2015 we were only able to feed the very youngest children at Chinhoyi Primary. This meant that we had to turn away the older children, who were also hungry.

2013-07-23 10.20.53

However, the severity of the problem with all children attending the school was soon realised. The Headmaster found out that some children were going without food for periods of up to two days.

Because of your recent support, we are happy to say that we can now continue the programme into 2016. Not only this, we can now also make the programme available to the WHOLE primary school! Thanks to your donations, we can ensure the older children are also well-fed and ready to thrive in their learning!

2016 still looks to be another difficult time with more drought predictions. However with your loyalty and support we can bring light and hope to their lives!

Our aim is to expand the programme to the neighbouring schools in this deprived, rural area, where more children are faced with hunger every day. Providing food will help improve these children’s concentration and performance at school. It will also give them further incentive to attend their classes rather than going out to work or beg.

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Obert Passes his O’Level Exams

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We are THRILLED to announce that Obert has received his O’level exam results and has passed with great results.  What a star!! Thank you to all those who have supported Obert over the years – we could not have done this without you.

Obert has now been registered to do his A’levels which is dream come true for him. If you are able to help out with sponsoring Obert please do, so we can help this very bright young man reach his full potential and give back to the communities he has come from.

Find out how you can help Obert here.

obert o levels

Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children – Yvette

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We are sometimes asked about Esther and Tino’s older sister, Yvette, who featured briefly in our film Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children.

Yvette ran away from their abusive Uncle to live on the streets of Harare. She fell pregnant at 16 and gave birth to a little boy called Blessing. Together, they lived on the streets for as long as they could- as you can imagine, this was an extremely difficult time for her.

We finally managed to track her down and tried to help her, however she was very confused. One day she came to us asking for help as she could no longer look after Blessing and desperately wanted to go back to school.

With the help of SOS Children’s Village we managed to find Blessing a home together with Esther and Tino. Yvette was given the opportunity to attend a good school, however she could not cope and we have since been unable to find her again. Unfortunately the trauma of her childhood and the suffering she endured meant that Yvette was a very troubled girl – we are all very sad about how things turned out for her and hope that one day she will return safely.

In the meantime Tino has built a very special bond with Blessing, and both she and Esther look after him.  

tino and blessing

                                           Tino and Blessing