Zimbabwe Foundation

The True Vision Foundation of Zimbabwe has been registered as a legal Trust in Zimbabwe.  Our Zimbabwean Trustees are Harold Chabayanzara, Patrick Makororo, Norman Tinarwo and Fiona Munyebvu.  Each Trustee has years of experience working for local and international NGOs namely, SOS Children’s Villages, Pump Aid, Nhaka Foundation and Environment Africa.  They play a vital and invaluable role in advising and supporting us on the ground.

Norman Tinarwo, Program Support Officer (Zimbabwe & Malawi) for Pump Aid UK

Norman holds an MA in Environmental Policy and Planning and has extensive development work experience providing design, technical capacity building and support to NGOs throughout Africa.  Currently Norman is engaged with Pump Aid as Program Support Director for Zimbabwe, Malawi and Liberia, responsible for support program management and output delivery.  Norman also works as a consultant for different humanitarian and development organisations mostly on project and program monitoring and evaluation.  It is through Norman’s contacts and assistance that True Vision Foundation of Zimbabwe came to install a borehole and water pump providing clean water and sanitation to the children and community at our school.  He has been instrumental in providing support with the monitoring and evaluation of both our projects.

Harold Chabayanzara, Director of SOS Children’s Village

Harold is the Director of the SOS Children’s Village that is now home to Esther and her sister Tino, after their mother died from HIV/AIDS and they were left in the care of their abusive Uncle.  It is through Harold’s many years of experience and advice that we are able to provide appropriate care for the other children who featured in the film – Grace, Michelle and Obert.  SOS do not only run family homes they support their neighbouring communities through the SOS Family Strengthening Program which enables children who are at risk of losing parental care (generally as a result of HIV/AIDS) to grow up within a caring family environment.  The program empowers families and communities to effectively protect and care for their children.  We have tried to learn from this model when working with the children of Project Batsirai.

Fiona Munyebvu, Project Manager True Vision Foundation of Zimbabwe

Fiona holds an MA in Environmental Policy and Planning and BSc (hons) in Geography and Environmental Science.  She was employed by Forestry Commission and Environment Africa as a Community Program Officer. Her main focus was coordinating food security projects, an urban agriculture project and capacity building of farmers and communities in practical skills which included project planning and management. Among many other key result areas, she was responsible for managing school projects in both rural and urban schools.  In 2011 Fiona joined the True Vision Foundation as a Project Manager responsible for research and project coordination in schools. Among other roles, she is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the project, reporting, facilitating community activities such as training programs, community meetings, needs assessments, procurement and other agriculture and education projects.  It is through Fiona’s hard work and dedication that we have managed to receive Trust registration in Zimbabwe and help the hundreds of children who benefit from our projects.