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Newsletter July 2013

We are pleased to bring you an update on the children who featured in the film 'Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children' and our education project.

Obert & Gogo

Obert is back home with his grandmother for the school holidays after another term of hard work. He reported being disapointed with his exam results due to the term being cut short, however we are confident his continued dedication will pay off. Obert’s letter to you, in his own words, reads as follows:

“The school term was a little bit tough since we had to prepare and write our exams much earlier than expected because of the national elections. So I had to work extra hard thereby walking an extra mile. Generally school life is cool since I now have many friends to talk to and share ideas with. I enjoy school life because I am learning new things and new ideas all the time. I am moving with technology since we use computers which are now common worldwide and used as a means of communication. I like researching on the internet when I have access.

My favourite subjects are physics, maths and chemistry. In fact, I like chemistry very much because of experiments which are carried out there. I like reading novels that are adventurous and fictitious. My favourite songs are gospel and hip hop.

As for what I intend to do during the holidays, I had already prepared and designed my time table for study so that I can catch up with others especially on maths and chemistry next term.

What I wish for in life, in the future and now, is to be someone respectable and a responsible, good person.”



Grace & Michelle

Grace has struggled with her school work this year, so we have tried to help by giving her incentives to work towards, and rewards for passing her exams. This has worked well and, along with help from many people who care, she has shown great improvement. Both girls receive counselling and are part of a church programme where they meet other teenage girls who have been through similar experiences. They have a mentor who has arranged extra lessons at a private school with volunteer teachers – we hope that with access to different situations with caring people they will reach their full potential and grasp the opportunities being given to them.

In her own words, Grace says: “The school term was okay and my favourite subjects are Commerce, English, Food & Nutrition but I enjoy History most. I enjoy reading especially teenage books, peer education books, guidance and counselling books, and listening to local gospel and reggae artists like Mathias Mhere and Jah Prayzah. During the school holidays I intend to revise and study using past exam papers especially Maths revision. I also plan to spend my spare time plaiting hair since I am good at that. I used to help at my auntie’s salon but I stopped because of school work. I hope to just pass my O’level – I believe things will work out well for me if I pass my O’level.”

Michelle has delighted us with her last report which was beyond our expectations and shows that continued faith in her abilities and a little push will help her realise what we already know she can achieve.



Esther & Tino

Esther and Tino continue to bloom at their SOS home and, as you can see from the photos, are growing up fast. Esther is catching up well with her schooling and is now in Grade 3, whilst Tino started pre-school (Grade 0) in January. Their foster house mother has given us this update:

“They are fully settled into their lives and take pride in their home chores, school work and extra-curricular activities. They are very respectful and mindful of others in their community. Both girls go to great efforts to help and care for younger family members and show appreciation to their elders. We have noticed what a happy part of the SOS family Esther & Tino have become and with guardians who genuinely care and love them. Esther’s health has improved to an excellent state since she is receiving anti-retroviral therapy and good nutrition daily.”

We are very proud of how Esther and Tino are growing up and honoured to be a part of their journey. It is through these angels telling their story and touching the hearts of so many that we have been able to help many children. We always try to remind them of how important they are in making our Foundation’s work successful.



Education Project

In January this year we received the sad and frustrating news that severe flooding had destroyed all the school classrooms, the agriculture plot and many villager’s huts that surrounded the Chinhoyi Rural Area school. We felt completely deflated as two years of hard work seemed to fall apart before our eyes. However the school community were only thankful that this disaster happened on a Sunday when children were at home, so no one was hurt. We absorbed their wonderful positivity and enthusiasm and set to work trying to re-build the school once again. Thanks to the Headmaster who made appeals to all he could, we were fortunate to receive a large donation of building materials and using a small pot of funding, the community constructed a new classroom block for the children, with the guidance of a qualified building teacher. The block will be the first fully registered building the school has constructed which is a massive achievement for them.

During the last half of 2013 we are working towards constructing another classroom block, so that generations of children can learn in a safe and conducive environment. Sitting on bricks under trees in severe heat leads to dehydration and naturally very little information is taken in by the children. Aside from this, the rainy season will see many lessons cancelled and children huddled under unsafe shelter waiting for classes to resume. Life is difficult enough for these little children who often walk long distances on empty stomachs just to get an education. We should at least be able to provide safe shelter for them to be happy and learn. All school fees which you, our donors, pay are used for developing the school and giving the children the education they believe will change their lives.

We have managed to achieve so much more in the last few years than just cover school fees and we are extremely proud of the children’s progress. In 2010 only 10% of families in the area could afford the fee. Now, nearly 1000 children are registered and the school rates at no. 13 in the district out of 100 for best exam results.

Zimbabwe's children nead your support now more than ever. Vulnerable and poverty stricken communiities continue to bear the brunt of political and economic instability in Zimbabwe. Fears are that it will only become worse which could have unthinkable consequences. Funding is running extremley low - WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! Please visit our donate page here so we may continue the vital support that we all give to Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children. THANK YOU - without you our work would not exist.

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