Aletheia Foundation

The Aletheia Foundation, Zimbabwe Children’s fund registered charity no 1110096 (formerly True Vision Foundation) was founded by Brian Woods, Deborah Shipley and Jezza Neumann, producers of the BAFTA award winning film Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children and Directors of True Vision TV.

After the film was aired, Sharon Thompson, a Zimbabwean living in the UK, joined the Foundation and headed back out to the country of her birth to help Obert, Esther and Grace.  After a successful mission to get the children who featured in the film back into school and improve their home lives, Sharon has continued to work tirelessly to make education a reality for more children in Zimbabwe.

The Education Project for the Chinhoyi rural area school (where Obert once attended and featured in the film) was made possible by the generous parents and children who were invited to a fundraiser and special screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill.  Actor, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) introduced the film and did an appeal to the audience to buy the gift of an education for a Zimbabwean child.

Nicky Wimble, a South African born Campaigns Consultant who has worked with Comic Relief and Oxfam, instigated and helped organise the Harry Potter fundraiser which kick started our Education Project at the Chinhoyi Rural Area School.  Nicky continues as a dedicated member of our board and is determined to see many more children in Zimbabwe back in school.  Nicky’s mother-in-law and friend, Heidi Holland, a Zimbabwean journalist and author, sadly passed away in 2012.  We have been sincerely grateful for donations received in her loving memory.

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