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How are Esther, Obert and Grace?

Our dedication to Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children is unquestionable.  With the support of our extremely loyal and generous donors throughout the world, we can reach many more children just like Esther, Obert and Grace – the 3 who started this, and will continue to champion our cause for thousands more children!

Speaking of which – how are Esther, Obert and Grace?

In one word – GREAT!  Can you believe it’s been 6 years since we were introduced to them in the film Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children?

Esther and her (not so little) sister Tino live at the SOS Children’s Village outside Harare in a safe, secure and loving environment. They are excelling in school as can be seen in this short film of Tino reading from one of her school exercise book.  Esther is a young teenager now giggling with her friends and asking when she can travel out of Zimbabwe to the UK to meet everyone.  We remind her that she has been a huge part of changing many lives and she simply replies” That’s good – it makes me happy”.  She really has no idea!

Grace still lives in her family home and Michelle has recently got married and had a baby son called Leo.

During 2016 Grace continued with her studies (thanks to you, our loyal donors) at Young Africa College where she has been studying for more O’level subjects.  Young Africa is the same college she attended to get her Early Childhood Development qualification to be a Nursery teacher.  She is presently looking for more volunteer or paid work as a Nursery assistant, whilst studying.

Obert is in the last stages of his A’level exams – thank you to everyone who sent him a message on our Facebook page, he was very grateful to receive your support.  We are in the process now of moving Gogo from her home in the rural areas to a small 2 room home nearer the town (thank you Fredrik Eklund and Derek Kaplan) as she requires constant medical attention after many years of working extremely hard farming land.  This is a big step for her and one she has wanted for so long so she can see more of Obert and be closer to our Community Field Officer, Peter, who has become like a son to her now.


  • KayKi says:

    This is SUCH a blessing. I have been so touched and heartbroken by this incredible documentary since yesterday. A little more internet searching, and I landed here. Blessings to the people responsible for sharing this story and therefore being the catalysts to getting these babies the help they so rightfully deserve! What treasures they are! If ever they come to America I’d love to host!

  • Michelle Redd says:

    I want to help, and I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of situations and circumstances like these and perhaps worse. I am not going to simply, watch, shed a tear or two, and go on about my life. I am going to make contributions to organizations and the many others like this.

    Thank YOU daughter of Zimbabwe for bringing this information forward at great risk to your own well being and those of our associates.

  • Sikha Hiloidari says:

    Its such a relief to know that all the children are safe and doing well in their life. I happened to watch this documentary a few days ago and since then trying to find out what has happened to the kids. Its such a relief knowing they are doing great in their lives .

  • Zezi Ruhwande says:

    God bless u all for what you did for these wondeful children.

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