When the film, Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children, aired on BBC, viewers were shocked and traumatised by what they saw.  Donations came pouring in to help the three key children (Esther, Grace and Obert) who featured in the film.  However we decided to take it further and have since been able to help over a thousand more children whose stories are just as horrific.

Children in Zimbabwe have a passionate and fierce desire to learn.  Education is theirs and every child’s right!  Our work is about fulfilling that desire and providing that right to an education.  Our approach is not only to educate a child, it is also to teach his/her parent or guardian how to provide for and nurture that child.

Jezza Neumann

We were astonished at the enormous value children in the country placed on learning and getting to school

Jezza Neumann, Director, Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children film

Mrs Bechani, Hatcliffe

My husband is inside the house, bed ridden, he is very sick.  If it was not for this project, I don’t know how I would have managed to send my children to school 

Mrs Bechani, Hatcliffe Township

Mrs Mpofu, Chinhoyi

Sending the children to school was a dream I could not think of, since we couldn’t even eat. The children come from school laughing now, my heart is so happy.

Mrs Mpofu, Chinhoyi Rural Area School

Minister of Education

The damage done to the education sector caused by the chaos of the last decade is incalculable.

Mr David Coltart, Previous Zimbabwe Minister of Education