Our work began in 2010 after being inspired by the stories of Esther, Grace and Obert in their heartbreaking struggle to survive each day and their fight to receive an education.  Thanks to your donations and our loyal donors, we have been able to transform their futures and have continued to help thousands of Zimbabwe’s Children.

From 2010 to 2016 our work focused on bringing relief to the children at a large rural area school through safe water, nutritious food, infrastructure development and child protection programmes – thereby increasing attendance numbers by 80%. The profound experience our Zimbabwean team have gained meant we were able to expand to 9 more schools and evolve onto the next stage.  We have chosen three main programmes to fulfil their desire for a ‘quality‘ education, maintain nutrition relief and give their families and schools a self sufficient future – teacher training, conservation agriculture and feeding.

Jezza Neumann
Film Director

During our research trips we were astonished at the enormous value children in the country placed on learning and getting to school.  It completely changed the direction of filming and the outcome.

Mr Dhliwayo
Chinhoyi rural area

Since the Conservation Agriculture skills training my family’s life has been very positively impacted.  We’ve gone from starving hungry to eating well and I have even become a mentor for others in my community.

Di Hammet
Loyal donor

It needs both us (financing) and you (managing) to bring about life-changing outcomes, and I’m delighted to offer my own bit of help in a way that quite apparently you make so effective.

Mr Gibson
Head teacher

You can see for yourself how much healthier the children are after the introduction of the feeding program.  The attendance levels are at their highest and children focus well now.  You can visibly see their skin is glowing.